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The ACT Public Service (ACTPS) is committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce. As an employer, the ACTPS strives to achieve a diverse and skilled workforce where individuals are valued for their differences, experiences, knowledge and backgrounds and the contribution they can make. As well as celebrating and supporting diversity in the ACTPS, there are a range of support mechanisms in place to support our employees including Support Networks, individual Inclusion support, staff awareness training, coaching and mentoring, and individual career development training.

The ACT Government has responsibility for state/territory functions such as administration, health, education, emergency services, parks and nature conservation and the administration of justice, as well as local government functions such as roads, libraries, and waste collection. This means employment opportunities with the ACTPS are just as diverse, and can include opportunities in many different roles, such as: Administration, Horticulture, Education, Events, Transport and City Services to name just a few. You can find out more our Directorates and what they do at

Vocational Employment Entry Programs

The ACTPS offers a Vocation Employment Programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and People with Disability.

These Programs include work experience, flexible formal and/or informal training that is relevant to the position and person, on-the-job learning and development. Upon successful completion of all aspects the program, each successful participant achieves a permanent position in the ACTPS.

2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander - Vocational Employment Program APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

2018 Inclusion (People with Disability) - Vocational Employment Program APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

Applications for the 2019 Vocational Employment Entry Programs will open in late 2018.

Graduate Program

A number of the positions within the ACTPS Graduate Program each year are designated to be filled with people from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background and/or People with Disability.

2019 Graduate Program -  APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.

For more information go to:

Working in the ACT Public Service

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander People and People with Disability, are encourgaged to apply for any advertised position, that they may be suitable for, within the ACT Public Service.

All permanent and temporary employment opportunities with ACTPS Directorates are advertised through this internet site and for Health Directorate at These websites are updated daily so there are always new job opportunities available.

Information relating how to apply for positions in ACT Public Service is available at:-

For more information about Inclusion Employment Pathways and Vocational Employment Entry Programs, please contact the Employment Inclusion Team at: