Employment Conditions

The ACT Public Service recognises most entitlements from the Australian Public Service (APS). Mobility arrangements allow people who move from a permanent APS position to a permanent ACT Public Service position, to take their accrued leave and recognition of service entitlements with them.

To be eligible to access mobility arrangements a person moving from the APS to the ACT Public Service needs to resign from their permanent APS position at 8:30am on the same day they start their permanent ACT Public Service position.

See Moving from the Australian Public Service to the ACT Public Service for further detail.


Engagement of new permanent ACT Public Service employees may be conditional upon the satisfactory completion of a probation period.  During this time your conduct and work performance is assessed to determine whether they meet the standards required by the directorate.

Employees whose performance and/or behaviour do not reach the required standard during their probationary period may have their employment terminated.  The probation period may differ depending on the job.

Privacy Statements

In accordance with the Workplace Privacy Act 2011, ACT Government workplaces may be subject to monitoring and/or workplace surveillance. For more information, please refer to the Workplace Privacy Policy Statement available on the ACTPS Employment Portal at this link: https://www.cmtedd.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/999809/Workplace-Privacy-Policy-2011.pdf

Salary Rates

Your salary on engagement will be the base pay level for the applicable job, as set out in the relevant ACTPS Enterprise Agreement, based on your experience, qualifications, skills and immediate effectiveness.

Salary Packaging

If you have an existing salary packaged car and wish to ask a question contact the Shared Services  on extension 79000 or submit an enquiry to HRSharedServices@act.gov.au . If you are considering commencing a salary packaging arrangement for a car it is strongly recommended you seek independent financial advice.

The ACT Public Service provides salary packaging services for ACT Public Service employees.  New employees wishing to access salary packaging should contact Shared Services on (02) 620 79000 or by visiting www.act.gov.au/sharedservices.