Starting with the ACT Public Service

Pre-employment Check Package for ACT Public Service applicants

All new permanent, temporary/casual employees with the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) are required to complete a Pre-employment Check Package. The package includes a number of forms which enable the ACTPS to commence remuneration to employees and other documentation which assists the ACTPS to confirm the suitability of applicants for employment.

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Commencement Package for Board/Committee Members

All ACT Government Board and Committee members are required to complete a Commencement Package which enables the ACT Public Service to commence remuneration to Board/Committee Members.

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ACTPS Salary Packaging Manual

The ACT Public Service Salary Packaging Policy and Procedures document sets out the policies and procedures that apply to salary packaging arrangements in the ACT Public Service, available at this link:

ACTPS Salary Packaging Manual (PDF 0.7MB)

Enterprise/Collective Agreements

Enterprise Agreements (previously known as Collective Agreements, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements and Certified Agreements) are the primary source of employment conditions in the ACTPS. These conditions may include leave entitlements, rates of pay and pay related matters, allowances, dispute settlement arrangements, performance culture and recognition of work and life responsibilities.

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