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Community Interests Members

Closes: 05 June 2020

Classification: Board Member
Salary: See Remuneration Tribunal's Determination 13
Position No: ACT Architects Board - Board Members
Directorate: Independent Statutory Offices including boards, tribunals and committees
Advertised (Gazettal date): 22 May 2020
Contact Officer: Bethel Sendaba on

Expressions of interest are sought from people who would like to be a member to represent community interests on the ACT Architects Board (the Board).

You don’t need a background in architecture to be eligible, but an ability to represent the community’s interest on the Board and carry out the functions of a Board member.

The Board oversees registration of architects in the ACT and determines who may be registered as an architect in the Territory. It has a range of powers to investigate complaints against architects and to discipline those who are found to have acted unprofessionally or incompetently.

The Board's functions are to:

  • register architects;
  • investigate complaints given to the Board about registered people and people who have been registered;
  • consider whether it is necessary to take disciplinary action against registered people and people who have been registered and, if it is, to take the necessary action;
  • consider and report to the Minister about issues referred to the Board by the Minister for advice;
  • advise the Minister in relation to the practice of architecture, for example, about codes of professional conduct;
  • further a common and harmonious approach to the administration of legislation about architects by cooperation with local jurisdictions;
  • accredit courses of study in architecture; and
  • provide general advice to consumers about the professional conduct and standards of competence expected of registered architects.

The Board operates independently, impartially and in the public interest. However, the Minister can give a direction to the Board about its exercise of functions, if it is in the public interest to do so. A direction cannot be given about the registration of architects, including renewal, cancellation, disciplinary action and refusal to register. The Board's decisions about disciplinary action can be appealed in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


The Board is made up of five members each appointed for no more than three years. Those members are:

  • one member nominated in writing by a body that has the promotion of the interests of architects as a main purpose
  • one member who is, or has recently been, an academic architect
  • one member who is a registered architect
  • one member who is a commercial lawyer with experience in either or both of consumer protection law and trade practices law
  • one member to represent community interests who is not registered


The Board meet at least four times a year. Members are entitled to a sitting fee for attending meetings. Current sitting fees can be found here.

To apply: Visit the Diversity Register for further information and to apply.

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