Check my eligibility to apply

There are some minimum eligibility requirements for roles in the ACT Public Service which apply to all positions. Additional eligibility criteria may apply to specific roles, and this will be stated in the job ad or position description.

Citizenship status

To be eligible for temporary employment with the ACT Public Service you must hold a valid work visa, be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. To be eligible for permanent employment within the ACT Public Service you must be an Australian citizen or a Permanent Resident.

A New Zealand citizen who resides in Australia and holds a Special Category temporary residence visa (SCV) under the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958 is treated as a permanent resident of Australia for the purpose of assessing that person's eligibility to be employed by the ACTPS but does not affect a person's residency status in relation to any other federal, state or territory law.

Former staff

Former ACTPS staff are restricted from re-entry to the service including if they:

  • voluntarily retired within the previous two years;
  • were retired due to forfeiture of office, abandonment of employment, as a result of misconduct or underperformance or annulment of appointment during probation; or
  • were an Executive whose engagement was ended under certain circumstances.

If you received a redundancy benefit from an ACT Public Service Directorate you may not be eligible for employment without prior approval from both the ACT Public Service Commissioner of Public Administration and the respective Director-General, unless your redundancy period has expired or you exited as a result of the National Disability Insurance Scheme transition.

Pre-employment checks

Offers of employment are made on the basis that you satisfy all ACTPS pre-employment checks and any other identified position specific requirements. As part of the pre-employment process, new starters are required to provide evidence of their date of birth, citizenship or permanent residency, change of name, banking details, tax file number, emergency contact details and complete a national police history check. In some circumstances a medical exam, immunisations, qualifications or professional registrations are also required to be checked. Registrations can often include drivers licences, Working with Vulnerable People registrations or registration with the ACT Teacher Quality Institute (TQI).