Smart community

The ACT Public Service is a professional, diverse and innovative public service that is responsive to the government of the day and to the community of over 400,000. Our work is interesting, meaningful, challenging and fulfilling – you can make a difference to people’s lives every day.

Vision and priorities

The ACT Government’s vision – set out in Canberra: A Statement of Ambition – is for Canberra to be one of the world’s most liveable and competitive cities in the world, welcoming to all. We aim to build on what Canberra already offers, creating an inclusive, welcoming society, open to diverse talents and determined to help everyone reach their fullest potential.

The ACT Government’s latest budget includes funding for healthcare, schools, transport, services for suburbs, support for families andeconomic growth.In the ACT Public Service this means we are:

Make an impact – a skills snapshot

Our work directly serves the needs of the Canberra community and when you work with us you will see the impact that we have on the lives of Canberrans every day.

The ACTPS employs people who can assess economic growth conditions, advise on investment decisions and administer grants; who conduct marketing with local and international business, find ways to add to our festivals and events and grow the tourism, cybersecurity, space and spatial science and higher education sectors.

As a regional health and education hub, the number of medical and mental health professionals and teachers and psychologists is growing to support our expanded facilities and increasing population. This includes expanding counselling services.

Investment in infrastructure requires construction trades, engineers, planners, contract and procurement managers. New schools, playgrounds and an eco-centre are being built, along with projects that combine ICT and infrastructure to create a smart city. We are enabling Canberra to be powered with 100% renewable energy and creating with NSW cross-border suburbs.

We are helping the government to create a restorative city and progressing reconciliation. Our staff are developing inclusive policies and regulatory reforms. We are finding new ways to talk to our community about policy ideas and get their feedback.

Our growing city also has a need for labourers to maintain our city, firefighters, police and customer service officers. We are investing in new technology and accommodation to support our workforce into the future, which our corporate support staff enabling change.

An inclusive, welcoming culture

There are about 21,000 people working in the ACTPS. We’re big enough to give you career variety but small enough that you’ll get to know your colleagues.We aim to create a workplace environment that values the contribution of people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We believe diversity is important because it builds organisational capability, fosters innovation and contributes to engagement and productivity. A diverse workplace is a richer and more vibrant environment.

We achieve outcomes effectively and efficiently by performing as one service, regardless of where we work. We demonstrate a united commitment to the principles of collaboration, innovation, respect and integrity. These elements are the foundation of the ACTPS Code of Conduct and exemplify the workplace culture the ACTPS strives to nurture.

We strongly encourage Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, LGBTIQ people, people with disability, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to work with us. But no matter who you are, we know you can help us: