Prepare your application

Here are some tips on preparing your application. Many of these are contained in the Applicant Information Kit and Defence Veteran’s Employment Transition Guide.

The ad and position description

Review the ad and take notes so you are sure about what is required, including the closing date and any requirements for written responses to have a particular style or maximum length. All submissions close at 11:59pm of the closing date unless otherwise specified. Download the position description attached to the ad so that you have a copy of the role’s duties, the skills and knowledge required, and outline of the work environment.

Questions about the role

Questions about the role should be directed to the relevant Contact Officer, whose contact details are provided in the job ad. This can help when preparing your submission as they will be able to share with you more detailed information about the job, allowing you to tailor your response. Conducting some research about the directorate, the ACT Government and the ACT Public Service before making a submission can also provide you with insights to help make your responses more relevant.

If you need assistance with understanding English, please use Translating and Interpreting Services by calling 131 450. Deaf, hearing-impaired or speech-impaired applicants can contact us through the National Relay Service (NRS):

Eligibility requirements

Make sure you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for being employed in the ACTPS. If the position has particular minimum qualifications or requirements such as a Working With Vulnerable People check or driver’s licence, you should confirm in your submission that you meet the requirement, and be able to produce the original documents or registration details for verification. The ACT Government provides a service for overseas applicants who may need to have their overseas qualification assessed.

Referee report

If a referee report needs to be completed by your referee and submitted with your application, please ask your referee to complete it using the following template. This form provides for contact details of your referees, comments and ratings by your referees and a rating scale. You should provide a copy of the position description to your referee to assist them in understanding the role and skills. Ideally, one of your referees should be a current manager.

Word documentReferee Report (Word) or PDF Referee Report (PDF)


Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) should be up to date and provide relevant information about your education, employment history, experience and workplace achievements. It should be formatted to make it easy to read.

Written response

The aim of a written response is to provide the selection panel with clear, concise information and evidence about your demonstrated suitability and potential to perform the role effectively.

Before you start your written response, check the format and style that is being requested as this may differ from other formats and styles you’ve prepared previously. Some job ads will ask you to respond to Selection Criteria while others will ask you to submit a Pitch or a Statement. If you are unclear about which type of response you are expected to provide, ask the contact officer to clarify so you are sure.

Style differences

Format difference

Address selection criteria

Written in a formal, report format – individually address each criteria by numbering and using headings in the same order as the position description’s list of skills, knowledge, behaviours (called selection criteria or what you require).

Provide a pitch

Written in an engaging, conversational letter format – combine explaining why you’re interested and the best person for the job with addressing the position requirements. Do not use headings within it but structure your pitch logically into paragraphs that relate to one or more of the requirements. Cover all requirements. This type of format may also be called an expression of interest (EOI).

Some ads will also require you to answer a couple of questions – make sure in answering you can demonstrate how your answer relates to the role’s requirements or capabilities.

Any written response should be persuasive with evidence-based examples to demonstrate your abilities. The Applicant Information Kit has further information on providing evidence-based examples.If you do not have direct experience in some of the areas specific to the position, be sure to outline any skills or areas of knowledge or experience that you feel are transferable to the advertised position.

Ready to submit?

Please read the How to Apply section of the job advertisement for details on how to apply as methods of submission differ. For general information about submission methods please refer to the information on submitting your application.