Best service

The ACT Public Service is one of the best public services to work in.

Career development and growth

We offer an unrivalled range of career paths across numerous professional streams. This is because the ACT is a one-tier city state with its government responsible for both state functions such as health, education, environment and justice as well as local government functions such as roads, libraries and city maintenance. This gives you great mobility, recognition of service and career opportunities that other jurisdictions don’t have.

In the ACTPS there are plenty of opportunities to choose from to keep growing your career and skills, even if you’re experienced. For example, the ACT’s legal and statutory planning setup is unique – we have a bill of human rights and right to self-government, a leasehold land titles system and national parliamentary triangle land – and this provides learning opportunities to gain depth and breadth. You’ll also find opportunities to work together with colleagues in ways you haven’t before because many of our functions are structurally integrated, for example:

We aim to maximise your potential. Everyone is required to have a performance development plan that is regularly reviewed and updated. It’s a great way to get formal feedback and record your intentions for your improving skills and knowledge. Our learning framework provides a consistent approach to developing staff and ensures you have skills for the future.The ACTPS is a key partner of the Australia New Zealand School of Government for Executive development programs. We also have development programs for staff who want to progress to more senior management positions in the ACTPS or enhance their existing skills. The ACTPS also regularly participates in the Institute of Public Administration Australia ACT Branch’s Mentoring Program.


The ACTPS Excellence Awards regularly recognise our high performing teams and individuals.Staff are encouraged to nominate an outstanding colleague or team who has exemplified one of our signature values and behaviours of respect, collaboration, integrity and innovation. Colleagues can also be recognised for the Leadership award or the Bill Harris Executive Leadership Award. Many teams also have local recognition activities.

Modern workplaces

We issue mobile technologies to support workplace flexibility, whether that’s working outdoors or moving between work settings. These devices also support remote work arrangements, enabling you to work from home or other locations where appropriate. Worker health is very important to us, and that’s why workstations can be adjusted to meet your requirements including sit/stand workstations.

Our activity-based environments feature a suit of technologies to support presentations, collaboration and video-conferencing. These environments also provide high quality amenity including:

Wherever you work in the ACTPS, you can typically get there quickly and easily. Many of our sites are close to bus interchanges, bus stops and taxi/Uber ranks and will soon be close to light rail. We have a mix of on-site and off-site parking, both paid and free. Some sites also offer a fleet of electric cars and bikes that staff can use to get around.


Salaries for ACTPS classifications are set out in ACTPS enterprise agreements and for Executives in ACT Remuneration Tribunal Determinations. Different classifications have a range of pay points, called increments, which you move to annually through to the maximum increment while at that classification. In the ACTPS, people with the same role and responsibilities as each other receive the same salary.

The relevant Enterprise Agreement will also set out allowances that are payable on top of your stated salary. Some roles have allowances regularly paid, such as on call and close call, overtime or extra rosters, or penalties for working public holidays. There is also an extensive range of Awards that apply to specific roles. Allowances may also include access to a work vehicle or home garaging.

The ACTPS pays more than the minimum superannuation, which is payable in addition to salary and any allowances. For new employees, the ACT Government contributes a minimum 10.5% of an employee's salary into their nominated fund and an extra 1% of salary where the employee has elected to personally contribute at least 3% of salary into their fund, bringing the overall employer contribution to 11.5%.

New employees of the ACTPS who have an existing membership with CSS or PSSdb may be able to continue this membership and if so, employer contributions will be payable at the rate prescribed by ComSuper. For new employees who are not members of either the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme defined benefit or Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme, the ACTPS offers a choice of superannuation funds.

There are over 20 items available to salary package including vehicles, technology, superannuation and work-related membership fees. Extra items such as home mortgages are available to staff employed in Eligible Public Hospital and Ambulance positions. Employees may also authorise regular deductions from their pay including medical benefit funds, union fees, life insurance, and government house rental and loan repayments.

Flexibility and balance

Enterprise agreements provide for a range of paid leave including:

Most staff also have access to:

Some staff also have access to home-based work (subject to approval), or mobile or optional work locations across multiple sites so they can work closer to home than their usual workplace. Please check with the contact officer which flexible work arrangements may apply to the position you’re interested in.

Health and wellbeing support

The ACTPS offers all staff the option of accessing free employee assista znce program (EAP) support. This confidential counselling and advice can be for work or personal matters, and can also be accessed by immediate family members. We also offer a range of special leave and employment conditions for unexpected situations, and have dedicated case managers to support graduated return to work.

There are a range of mental health programs and health support programs such as discounted gym memberships available for staff. Many of our sites are smoke-free workplaces, and our primary buildings have carers’ rooms.

All ACTPS employees, irrespective of their position, background or individual differences, must model the Respect, Equity and Diversity (RED) Framework to create a respectful and positive work culture.

We have specific strategies, policies and plans in place to support LGTQI staff, staff with Disability, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff. This includes a Reasonable Adjustment Policy, Reconciliation Action Plans for each Directorate and LGBTQI inclusion support.