Understand your offer

Below are some tips on understanding your offer and the conditions of engagement that you will be employed under.

Types of offers

The terms and conditions of employment for ACT Public Service employees are defined in enterprise agreements. If you are unsure which Enterprise Agreement applies to your role, please discuss with the contact officer or recruitment officer that issued your offer. The type of employment being offered will be one of the following:

Pre-Employment Integrity Checks

Offers of employment are made under the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and are made on the basis that you satisfy all relevant pre-employment checks.

All new ACTPS employees must complete a number of pre-employment checks before starting employment including proof of identity check comprised of proof of date of birth (copy of birth certificate or current passport), proof of Australian citizenship/residency and proof of name change, e.g. Marriage Certificate or Change of Name by Deed Poll (if applicable).

Other pre-employment checks may include:

Salary and allowances

Your starting salary will be advised in your letter of offer. Most successful applicants will be commenced at the base increment point of a classification, unless they are being transferred at level or have negotiated a higher increment. All staff are paid fortnightly and payslips are sent to your nominated email address. Salaries are paid into a bank account, credit union or building society accounts.

Timesheets are required to be submitted by casual staff and employees who perform shift work. Shift workers will be paid penalties, overtime and short term higher duties from information recorded on their timesheets a fortnight in arrears. All casual employees are also paid their wages fortnightly in arrears.


Superannuation employer contributions are payable in addition to salary and allowances. Employees who are currently members of either the Public Sector Superannuation (defined benefit) Scheme (PSSdb) or the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) may elect to continue to contribute to these superannuation funds.

For new employees who are not members of either the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme defined benefit or Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme, the ACTPS offers a choice of superannuation funds ('Super Choice'). If you do not choose your own superannuation fund, your superannuation will be paid into the standard default fund of the ACT Government – Aware Super.

If you are a former member of the CSS and have a preserved benefit, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from ComSuper before accepting this offer of employment. Please consider seeking financial advice if you need help making decisions about superannuation.

Salary packaging

The ACTPS provides salary packaging services for eligible ACTPS employees. Most permanent, temporary contract and executive staff are eligible other than independent contractors, judges and labour hire staff as set out in the salary packaging policy.

There are more than 20 items available to salary package, as set out in the ACTPS Salary Packaging Manual. If you have an existing salary package or wish to start salary packaging, phone Shared Services on (02) 6207 9000 or email HRSharedServices@act.gov.au. It is strongly recommended you seek independent financial advice if you plan to salary package.

Mobility and recognition of prior service

The ACT Public Service recognises most entitlements from the Australian Public Service. Mobility arrangements allow people who move from a permanent Australian Public Service position to a permanent ACT Public Service position to take their accrued leave and recognition of service entitlements with them.  Please read the Prior Service information provided to you. To be eligible to access mobility arrangements a person moving from the APS to the ACTPS needs to resign from their permanent APS position at 8:30am on the same day they start their permanent ACTPS position.