Board/Committee member acceptance pack

Documents to complete

Please complete the following documents and provide to the directorate contact as soon as possible.

  1. Board/Committee Member Payment Instruction Form Doc (100 KB) PDF (140 KB)
  2. Judicial Officer Payment & Instruction Form Doc 72 KB)  PDF (144 KB)
  3. Superannuation Acknowledgement and Entitlements Forms Doc (80 KB) PDF (50 KB)
  4. Choice of Superannuation Fund Form PDF (720 KB)
  5. Australian Tax Office Tax File Number Declaration Form
  6. Board/Committee Member Timesheet Timesheet form (Word 130 KB) - This form is for use by Members where the directorate does not have an existing or alternative method of recording members' attendance for remuneration purposes; please check with the directorate contact before using this timesheet.

Optional documents to complete

Board/Committee Members are eligible to participate in salary packaging:

Salary Packaging Policy and Procedures

Salary Packaging Manual (PDF 240 KB)

E7 - Board/Committee/Tribunal Member Superannuation Salary Sacrifice Form (Word 100KB) - Members who elect to sacrifice any part of their remuneration into superannuation must also complete the following form on each occasion that a timesheet is completed and forwarded to Shared Services - Payroll and Personnel Services: